The Girl Next Door: Synopsis

Cast: 2 male / 2 female
Running time (approximate):
2 hours - not including the interval.
Availability: The Girl Next Door is not available for production.
Acting Edition:
The Girl Next Door has not been published.


Rob (Robert) Hathaway (60, an actor)
Alex Hathaway (62, his sister, a Government financial advisor)
Alf Tindle (26, a soldier)
Lily Tindle (24, his wife)
Promotional Material
Rob Hathaway, stuck at home during the summer of 2020 with only his sensible older sister for company. Rob has little to do but relive his glory days when, as the star of the nation’s favourite TV period drama National Fire Service, he ruled the roost as George ‘Tiger’ Jennings: wartime hero, and living legend among firefighters.

Then one day Rob spots a stranger hanging out the washing in the adjoining garden. But the neighbours haven’t been around for months. So who is the mysterious girl next door? And why is she wearing 1940s clothing?

A full synopsis will follow in Autumn 2021